Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) Poster

Justice Smith: Tim Goodman



  • Lucy Stevens : Down by the docks. Rough part of town, not the sorta place you wanna visit alone at night.

    Tim Goodman : [trying to impress her]  Well, I'm actually pretty good at being alone at night.

  • Detective Pikachu : Should I talk about the fact that your childhood bed is a Pikachu bed?

    Tim Goodman : It's a coincidence.

    Detective Pikachu : I've never been so flattered and creeped out at the same time.

  • Detective Pikachu : Have you ever talked to a woman before?

    Tim Goodman : I've talked to women before!

    Detective Pikachu : When was that, in the the birth canal?

  • Detective Pikachu : [from trailer]  They try to talk to me all the time, but all they hear is "Pika-pika!"

    Tim Goodman : [to a person's girlfriend, asking if she can understand Pikachu speaking]  You can hear him... right?

    Detective Pikachu : [in his Pokemon voice]  Pika-pika!

    Girlfriend : [to Pikachu]  Yeah, pika-pika-pika! He's adorable!

    Detective Pikachu : [to the girlfriend]  *You're* adorable!

    [pause, knowing that only Tim can understand him] 

    Detective Pikachu : They can't understand me, kid.

    Tim Goodman : [exasperated, knowing that no one can understand Pikachu]  Can no-one else hear him?

  • Tim Goodman : I don't need a Pokémon, period,

    Detective Pikachu : Then what about a world-class detective? Because if you wanna find your pops, I'm your best bet. We're gonna do this, you and me.

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