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'Men in Black' & 'Shaft' Become Latest Summer Sequels to Disappoint

'Men in Black' & 'Shaft' Become Latest Summer Sequels to Disappoint
It was another disappointing weekend for a pair of new sequels as both Sony's Men in Black International and WB's Shaft were both unable to reach even the slimmest of studio expectations heading into the weekend.

The weekend is down significantly compared to last year when Incredibles 2 bowed with a record-shattering $182.6 million opening and next weekend will turn to Pixar once again, looking to Toy Story 4 to turn the tide.

Sony's release of Men in Black International debuted with a disappointing $28.5 million from 4,224 locations. By comparison, this is the lowest opening in the franchise by over $20 million as all three of the previous installments opened with over $51 million.

The $110 million production joins a slew of recently released sequels to not only under-perform based on pre-weekend expectations, but severely under-performing based on previous films in the franchise. Entering the weekend the film received mostly negative reviews and
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Plans for an abandoned 'X-Men Beast' spin-off movie revealed

Plans for an abandoned 'X-Men Beast' spin-off movie revealed
With the final instalment of the X-Men franchise currently breaking the wrong kind of box-office records – X-Men: Dark Phoenix is reportedly on course to suffer a whopping -73% decline in its sophomore frame at the domestic box-office – plans for a Nicholas Hoult-headlined Beast spin-off movie have been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the report, John Ottman, who worked on the franchise’s most successful entries – X2 and Days of Future Past – had written a script along with his assistant, Byron Burton, which was set in the 80s, and featured characters such as Professor X and Wolverine.

Burton revealed the film would see Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) struggling to maintain the beast within during the fallout from Days of Future Past, and would ultimately work as a film in which they’d introduce X-Men villain, Mr. Sinister, who’d been manipulating the events of the movie.

He said
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‘Bond 25’ Official Photo Shows Injured Daniel Craig Preparing to Return to Spy თრილერი

‘Bond 25’ Official Photo Shows Injured Daniel Craig Preparing to Return to Spy თრილერი
Looks like James Bond is nearly ready to get back into the spy action. In a newly posted photo on James Bond’s official Twitter page, franchise star Daniel Craig is pictured working out, even as his injured left ankle continues to heal up in a walking cast.

The caption, however, does hint that Craig is nearly ready to get back to shooting the Cary Fukunaga-directed Bond 25 soon, adding that he’s “prepping for shooting next week.”

For a production that’s been waylaid by two different accidents in less than a month, it’s finally a piece of good news. In May, Craig suffered an injury on the set of the film that led to the announcement that he would be undergoing წუთიor ankle surgery, though production on the film continued as Craig underwent said surgery and underwent two additional weeks of rehabilitation.

Craig’s accident was only the first to hit the production.
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Franco Zeffirelli, Oscar-Nominated Director for 'Romeo and Juliet,' Dies at 96

Franco Zeffirelli, Oscar-Nominated Director for 'Romeo and Juliet,' Dies at 96
Franco Zeffirelli, whose opulent set designs and sweeping directorial style bolstered operatic films, religious epics and Shakespearean love stories, has died. He was 96.

The Italian legend, who was nominated for an Academy Award for directing his innovative version of Romeo and Juliet (1968), died Saturday at his residence in Rome "without suffering," his son Pippo told The Hollywood Reporter. 

Romeo and Juliet, which starred then-unknown teenagers Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, also received a best picture nomination and garnered Academy Awards for cinematography and costume design, indicative of Zeffirelli's visual emphasis (he also penned the screenplay).

The ...
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‘Dark Phoenix’ Director Simon Kinberg on Film’s Failures: ‘It Didn’t Connect Enough With Audiences’

‘Dark Phoenix’ Director Simon Kinberg on Film’s Failures: ‘It Didn’t Connect Enough With Audiences’
Simon Kinberg isn’t burying his head in the sand. After debuting his feature filmmaking debut, the critically savaged and drastically underperforming “Dark Phoenix” last week, Kinberg popped up on KCRW’s “The Business” (via EW) to open up about his perceived failures on the X-Men feature.

“It clearly is a movie that didn’t connect with audiences that didn’t see it, it didn’t connect enough with audiences that did see it. So that’s on me,” Kinberg said.

The film debuted last weekend during the crush of the summer movie-going season, where it pulled in only $33 million in domestic dollars, a far cry from the receipts of recent X-Men features like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Logan.” With an estimated $200 million production cost (and that’s before marketing) and uninspiring foreign numbers, the film will likely go down as the franchise’s biggest bust ever.

And that’s to
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Streaming: Scorsese's freewheeling Dylan doc

Martin Scorsese is in playful mode with Rolling Thunder Revue, an intimate portrait of a 1970s Bob Dylan tour

In a year that has seen Steven Spielberg become the poster boy for anti-Netflix scepticism, his old peer Martin Scorsese is fully embracing the possibilities. In the autumn, his much-hyped, big-budget gangster film The Irishman will be released on the streaming service, but the 76-year-old has dipped a toe in the water with something a little smaller and funkier: another Bob Dylan documentary. I say “another”, but if you’re expecting a direct follow-up to Scorsese’s 2005 opus No Direction Home, or a concert film in the vein of 1978’s Dylan-featuring The Last Waltz, you’ll be surprised.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story, which has been streaming on Netflix since Wednesday, is something more puckish and, well, freewheeling than any of Scorsese’s previous music docs – the word “story”, for starters,
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Xiamen Woos Film Industry, Becomes New Home of Golden Rooster Festival

Xiamen Woos Film Industry, Becomes New Home of Golden Rooster Festival
China’s government-led Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival has found a permanent home in Fujian province’s coastal city of Xiamen, starting from this year, municipal representatives said Monday at a Shanghai Intl. Film Festival press conference.

“Xiamen has the confidence and the perseverance to be up to the task,” said Dai Zhiwang, the assistant director of the city’s propaganda bureau.

Founded in 1992, the Golden Rooster festival and awards will take place November 19-23 at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Last year, the roving event took place in Guangdong Province’s Foshan in the south, and in 2017, in the northern province of Inner Mongolia’s Hohhot.

Actress Yao Chen, sometimes referred to as China’s Angelina Jolie, will be this year’s festival ambassador. A Fujian native herself, she lauded her home province’s food and climate. “I hope that in the future films will
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Alfonso Cuaron-executive-produced ‘Hands Of God’, ‘The Little Prince’ doc land at Film Movement (exclusive)

Releases set for August, winter 2019-20.

Film Movement has acquired North American rights to Iraqi boxing film Hands Of God on which best directing Oscar winner Alfonso Cuaron served as executive producer, and The Miracle Of The Little Prince.

Riccardo Romani directed Hands Of God, which recounts the true story of the Iraqi National Boxing Team – Waheed, Jafaar, and Saadi – as they defy Isis and train outdoors to achieve a historic qualification.

Marjoleine Boonstra directed The Miracle Of The Little Prince and profiles the passionate translators who bring Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s celebrated children’s tale to speakers of endangered languages.
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Qin Hailu’s ‘The Return’ Makes Emotional Debut at Shanghai Festival

Qin Hailu’s ‘The Return’ Makes Emotional Debut at Shanghai Festival
“This is the final film that seals my acting career,” said 95-year-old Chinese actor Chang Feng, of “The Return,” which plays this week in competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival. “The director, the screenwriter, and the entire crew have put so much heart into this film, I hope it wins the award.”

The film may also mark the beginning of another. It is the feature directing debut of well-established Chinese actress Qin Hailu.

The film tells the story of an old soldier’s longing to return home to mainland China. Born in the war days, and growing up overseas, the old man finds his only comfort in the nostalgic sounds of the Red Envelope Club, a form of cabaret that originated in Taiwan in the 1960s as an imitation of Shanghai cabaret.

Yang Wei, CEO of Hehe Pictures, film producer Kong Yangjun, and the main cast members including Chang Feng,
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Three to tango: the pregnant dancer duetting with her husband

A screen role as an expectant dancer prepared Bobbi Jene Smith for the real thing. She talks about doing the bump … with a bump

It’s a case of life imitating art. In the new film Mari, Bobbi Jene Smith plays a dancer who discovers she’s pregnant just as she is choreographing her first big show. After the shoot, Smith became pregnant herself, and now must face some of the same challenges to her character.

When I Skype the dancer in her New York apartment, she looks suitably glowing in the laptop’s wan light. “I don’t feel like I’m glowing!” she says. “I’m pretty tired. I can tell my body’s telling me: slow down.”
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‘Parasite’ Wins Sydney Film Festival

“Parasite,” the South Korean black drama that previously won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, was Sunday named as the winner of the Sydney Film Festival.

After collecting a cash prize of A$60,000, at Sydney’s State Theatre, “Parasite” director said: “This Festival is really amazing, especially the audience…really special and extraordinary. This is the most meaningful prize for me – in this beautiful city and beautiful theatre, and one of the most beautiful audiences in the world.”

The film charts the intersection of two families from different ends of the economic scale and has been hailed for its biting commentary on Korea’s social woes. After three weekends on commercial release it has grossed $60.3 million.

“She Who Must Be Loved” (aka “She Who Must Be Obeyed”), directed by Erica Glynn, won Sydney’s documentary award. “All These Creatures” picked up both of the festival’s awards for short films.
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‘Big Little Lies’ Review: More Screaming, Lies, and Heartbreaking Lines Highlight Episode 2

‘Big Little Lies’ Review: More Screaming, Lies, and Heartbreaking Lines Highlight Episode 2
[Editor’s note: The following review contains spoilers for “Big Little Lies” Season 2, Episode 2, “Tell-Tale Hearts.”]

If any scene in the second episode of “Big Little Lies” came close to replicating the peculiar allure of Meryl Streep’s scream from the first episode, it was when Zoe Kravitz name-dropped part of the show’s title. Freaked out and exhausted from trying to cope with it on her own, Bonnie (Kravitz) tells Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) yet again that she’s not Ok.

“Sometimes I wake up at night in a sweat with this feeling — it’s going to get us,” Bonnie says.” “It’s going to get us all.”

“What are you talking about?” Madeline asks, already knowing the answer.

“The lie.”

Now, is that line a touch heavy-handed? Yes. Is it overtly ominous in the kind of pre-meditated manner of speaking most people don’t actually use? It leans that way, sure. And of all people, would Bonnie — an
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‘Euphoria’ Review: Zendaya’s Provocative Series Mixes Bleak Teen დრამა with HBO’s Prestige Polish

From Romeo and Juliet to Rebel Without a Cause and The Outsiders to Larry Clarke, Harmony Korine, and Greg Araki’s Doom Generation: the kids have never been alright. Especially when they’re on a stage or screen. But Euphoria, HBO’s first foray into young adult programming, takes the terror and tragedy of coming-of-age drama to the next level with an unflinching dive into the icy, bleak darkness of being a teenager in 2019. With all the prestige polish of HBO's cable legacy. Created by Sam Levinson (Assassination Nation), who also directs multiple episodes with abundant …
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Shanghai: China Studio Chiefs Debate Winter Chills and U.S. Rivalry

The Shanghai International Film Festival pulled off the impressive feat of assembling leading executives from seven of China’s top film studios. Their discussion focused on the problems that have recently beset the production sector and the industry’s relationship with Hollywood.

“The film industry achieved great things in 2018, but it was also the year that the industry received most criticism from society,” said Yu Dong, founder, chairman and CEO of Bona Film Group. “Our directors, actors and company were all criticized. The tax examination at the end of the year shook up the industry. We all had so many grievances, we all felt wronged.”

Chinese tax authorities last year intervened in the film sector, following accusations made at movie star Fan Bingbing. They ordered companies and individuals to fully declare their earnings, and to cease some previously permitted tax avoidance structures. The move – which netted some $1.7 billion of back
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Propaganda Films to Dominate Chinese Theaters in Anniversary Year

A presentation at the Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday shed light on the welter of propaganda films that will compete with Hollywood blockbusters for the attention of Chinese cinema goers in the second half of this year.

This year is laden with political significance for China’s ruling Communist Party. It is 100 years since the May Fourth movement in which students led protests against foreign colonial powers in China. In October China will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

“The Climbers” starring “Wolf “საომარიriors” and Chinese patriotic film icon Wu Jing, is a production by Shanghai Film Group that releases at the end of this month. “The mountain climbers represent the Chinese people’s spirit of conquering challenges,” said Sfg chairman Ren Zhonglun.

Edward Cheng, VP at Tencent & CEO of Tencent Pictures, said that social media giant Tencent is backing the Dante Lam
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Tony Leung to Star in Shanghai Film Group’s ‘Fox Hunt’ Police მძაფრსიუჟეტიანი Film

Hong Kong’s Tony Leung Chiu-wai and mainland China’s Duan Yihong will head the cast of the Shanghai Film Group’s upcoming “Fox Hunt.”

The film is based on real live events and depicts the activities of Operation Fox Hunt, a worldwide anti-corruption initiative managed by China’s Ministry of Public Security. The operation seeks to find and repatriate Chinese people who have fled abroad to avoid accusations of corruption. The film is expected to show cross-border criminal proceedings and the use of Interpol’s so-called Red Notices. Production will take place in China and France.

State-backed, publicly-listed Shanghai Film Group is also behind action film “The Climbers” with Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi and Jing Boran in the cast. “Climbers” is expected to release on May 30,2019. Plans for “Fox Hunt” were unveiled at the end of May.

Both films fit with a policy of delivering patriotic movies in this anniversary year.
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Miguel Sapochnik Says He “Pissed Off” The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Who “Visually Policed” Him

Miguel Sapochnik Says He “Pissed Off” The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Who “Visually Policed” Him
Much has been made about the lengths that the recently-concluded “Game of Thrones” went to keep its ending secret ahead of its final air date, even shooting multiple finales to throw fans off in the event of potential leaks.

Read More: The Best TV Shows Of 2019… So Far

But that level of on-set scrutiny extended to some of the mega series’ most acclaimed behind-the-scenes names as well, and long before the final season.

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Terence Chang’s ‘Wings Over Everest’ Set to Swell China’s Rescue Film Genre

“Wings over Everest,” a new action adventure film from veteran producer Terence Chang and “Wolf საომარიrior 2” producer Lu Jianmin, is poised to join the burgeoning Chinese sub-genre of rescue movies.

The Chinese- and English-language film stars Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu (“Project Gutenberg”; “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”), Japanese actor Koji Yakusho (“Babel”; “Memoirs of a Geisha”) and Taiwanese actor Austin Po-Hung Lin (“The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang”). It is the first feature from writer-director Fei Yu, a former VP and lead game producer at Gameloft, who later transitioned into screenwriting and content development.

Everest” is backed by Lu’s Spring Era Films, Fei’s firm Mirage, Beijing Saite Century Films, and Tokyo-based entertainment company Vap, a subsidiary of Nippon TV. It is the second collaboration between Chang and actress Zhang, having previously worked together on the Andy Lau-starring 2017 action film “The სათავგადასავლოrs,” which grossed $34 million (RMB237 million).

Shot in China,
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China Film Marketing Firms Must Adapt To Internet Age, Says Huayi’s Jerry Ye

Huayi Brothers Pictures CEO and media group VP Jerry Ye made no mention Sunday of the abrupt cancellation of the premiere for his firm’s highly anticipated war epic “The Eight Hundred,” which was set to be the Shanghai Intl. Film Festival’s opening film the night before.

Instead, he looked to the future at a panel on big studio film production, warning of the “subversive changes” the Internet is bringing to the Chinese film market. New online practices will within years wipe out 50-60% of existing publicity and distribution firms if they don’t “follow the trend” and learn to adapt, he predicted.

“Unlike the steady North America market, the Chinese market moves much faster. Chinese e-commerce has developed rapidly, with online ticketing platforms making up 90% of China (movie ticket) sales — meaning that our audience reach depends on the online platforms,” Ye said. The challenge this presents is that
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Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Play ‘Star საომარიs’ Jedi Mace Windu Again

Some characters never die. Well, sometimes they do, but the actors/actresses in those roles don’t always appreciate it when their onscreen counterparts bite the dust. Not everyone is a Harrison Ford, you know. One of these Not Harrison Ford actors is Samuel L. Jackson, who recently told the world on a popular late night show that he’d reprise his role as legendary “Star საომარიs” character Mace Windu if opportunity knocked.

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